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1. These rules (hereinafter referred to as Rules) provide for possible ways of how to donate for the projects published on donation portal (hereinafter referred to as Portal), Portal manager - VšĮ Geros valios projektai (code of legal entity: 301678868, registered address: Vaidilutės st. 57A, Vilnius, the Republic of Lithuania, the address: A.Goštauto st. 8-38, LT-01108 Vilnius, the Republic of Lithuania) (hereinafter referred to as Institution) and donors’ rights and responsibilities.

2. The terms used in the Rules:
2.1. Person – a natural or a legal person, who is older than 14 years old.
2.2. Donating person or Donor – a natural or a legal person donating money by one of the indicated ways on Portal for the published Project on Portal.
2.3. Donor – a natural or a legal person donated money on his/her behalf for the published Project on Portal.
2.4. Donors’ list – the list of donors, who donated money for the publish project on the Portal. This list is published on Portal and contains names and surnames or names of legal entities of donors, who agreed to be on this list.
2.5. Category is a group of Projects published on the Portal with a similar social purpose or beneficiary to which after becoming a Periodic donor it is possible to donate for a selected period.

2.6. Organisation – a non-governmental organisation (a public institution, an association, charity support foundation, social organisation) as well as education and teaching institution, a museum, traditional  religious community or a library implementing the published Project on Portal. The organisation is selected by a manner set out in Project selection rules of Portal.
2.6. Project – the project, which has a concrete social purpose and benefit receiver and planned means and budget in order to achieve the indicated purpose. Donations for this project are received on Portal and for scheduled period of time.
2.7. Periodic donor is a natural person who has chosen to allocate the selected amount of support each month to the Project Category published on the Portal, which is automatically deducted from the Donor’s payment card (AUKO–KIT periodic donation).


3. Donated money cannot be refunded except the provided case with 15 subsection of the Rules.

4. By filling out donation form, person can choose these ways for donation:
4.1. To donate on his/her behalf and to be included on the list of Donors.
4.2. To donate anonymously.
4.3. To donate on other person’s behalf.

5. If a person donates on his/her behalf, the donor’s exact name and surname or name of legal entity should be indicated in donation form.

6. If a person requests to be included on the list of Donors, he/she should put the tick on “I agree to be seen on the list of the Project donors” in donation form, and if donation is made via bank transfer, he/she should indicate this request in payment purpose.

7. If a person donates on other person’s behalf, he/she should indicate the person’s on whose behalf the donation was made name, surname or name in donation form.

8. The Donor’s name and surname of name of legal entity in donation form will be included on the list of Donors, which is publicly published, if the Donor agreed to it. When the donation is made on other (a natural) person’s behalf as well as if the Donor did not put the tick on “I agree to be seen on the list of the Project donors”, the Donor will not be included on the list of the Donors.

9. Portal administration has the right to correct grammatically incorrect names and surnames of the donors or names of legal entities before they are published on the list of the Donors.

10. If you choose to become a Periodic donor, periodic donations are taken place and payments are made through the Portal partner which rules you can find here.  By becoming a Periodic donor, a person can only donate on his/her behalf. The person’s name is not visible in the Donors’ list. For more information on how the Periodic donation takes place and how your periodic donation funds are allocated, read the FAQ section of the Periodic Donation, and if you have any questions, contact the Portal administration.

11. There will be sent Certificates of Appreciation and the reports of the Project for which the donation was made by the indicated email in donation form. The reports that are sent by email regarding the Projects for which the donations were made can be cancelled by clicking the link below on the end of appropriate report and putting the tick on “Yes”.

12. The selected Category, Project reports summaries, and news will be sent via email indicated in the periodic donation form. Reports and news sent via email can be unsubscribed by clicking on the link at the end of the relevant email and ticking the answer “Yes”.

13. If you want to receive news about Projects or Portal, you can choose it by putting the tick on “I agree to receive donation news” in the form. Even if you do not put the tick that you agree, we could send you news in cases provided with Privacy policy. Emails with news can be cancelled at any time by clicking the link below on the end of the email and putting the tick on “Yes”.

14. Portal administration is not responsible for not received Certificates of Appreciation and the reports of the Projects for which the donations were made, if the Donor’s email indicated in donation form is incorrect.

15. Donating person takes all and any responsibility related to submitted personal data certainty and the donated funds transparency of the Donor or the person of who behalf the donation is made.

16. When the confirmation about money transfer is received from the bank, the sum is immediately added to the sum of collected funds. If the donation is made by not using the implemented interfaces with e-banking systems, transfers are included within 48 hours.

17. If a person makes a mistake by entering the sum of money he/she wants to donate and seeks to get a refund for a part of the sum, he/she should inform Portal administration within one workday after the transfer was made by clearly laying out the current situation and submit a request regarding refund of a part of donated money sum. Portal administration makes an individual decision in every case by evaluating the submitted information.

18. If Donating person makes a mistake by selecting the Project, he/she should inform Portal administration within one workday after the transfer was made about purpose change of donating funds.

19. If the Project regarding technical circumstances (several different transfers are made at one time) collects more money than it was indicated in the Project description or if the Organisation refuses to implement the Project, surplus of money will be allocated for one or several active Projects published on Portal.

20. If donating person unclearly indicated purpose of donation in payment transfer and it is not possible to know for what Project the donation is, Portal administration has the right to allocate this donation for any active Project on Portal at discretion.

21. If the Periodic donor wants to cancel the periodic donation, he/she may do so:
21.1. By clicking on the “Manage Payments” button in transaction receipt sent via email monthly and by clicking on the “Cancel subscription” button in the “Subscriptions” section of the opened window, or
21.2. After contacting the Portal administration via email and indicating your name, surname, and email address.

22. Portal administration remains the right to update or amend the Rules at any time. Such updated or amended Rules will enter into force after the day, when they are published on Portal. You should from time to time check them and to be sure that you are satisfied by relevant version of the Rules. By updating the Rules, we will inform you about, in our opinion, essential changes by publishing them on Portal. You can check the date as “Update date”, which is shown below by wanting to know, when the last time the Rules were updated.

23. If you have any questions related to the conditions of these Rules, you are welcome to contact us by the details of the Institution that are indicated below, by calling phone number indicated below or by sending a request via email or a registered letter:

VšĮ Geros valios projektai
Code of legal entity: 301678868
Address: A.Goštauto st. 8-39, LT-01108  Vilnius, The Republic of Lithuania
Phone number: +370 602 31001

Update date: 2019-09-04