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2% Support rules

  1. These rules (further – Rules) foresee the possible ways to donate to projects published in portal (further – Portal), donors‘ rights and duties.
  2. Concept of rules:
    2.1. Person – natural or legal person.
    2.2. A person, who donates – a person, who donates money using one of indicated transferring ways to one or more projects published in portal.
    2.3. – an online donation portal, where projects are published after selection process, which is set in Project selection rules.
    2.4. Donor – a person, who donates money to a project in Portal, or a person in whose name money are donated.
    2.5. Donor list – a list of donors, who donated money to a project published in Portal with indicated names, surnames and names of legal persons.
    2.6. Organization – non-governmental organization (public enterprise, association, foundation), educational organization, museum or lending library, which was selected according to Project selection rules and implements the project published in Porta
    2.7. Project – a project published in Portal for an indicated period of time, which has particular social aim, benefitor, indicated means and budget to achieve aim.
  3. Donated money cannot be returned, except for a case, indicated in Rules point no.15.
  4. When filling the donation form, person can choose these ways of donating:
    4.1. Donate in his/her own name.
    4.2. Donate anonymously.
    4.3. Donate in other person‘s name.
  5. If a person donates in his/her own name, he/she must specify his/her real name and surname or name of the legal person.
  6. If a person request to donate anonymously, he/she must click a tick „I want to donate anonymously“ in the donation form.
  7. If a person donates in other person‘s name, he/she must specify his/her real name name and surname or name of the legal person.
  8. The names of donors will be automatically inluded in donor list, except for cases when person chose to donate anonymously.
  9. Portal administrators have the right to edit irregular or incorrect names of donors befor publishing them in the donor list.
  10. Letters of appreciation, project reports and newsletters will be sent to an e-mail written in the donation form. Links for refusal of reports and newsletters can be found at the particular parts of the letters.
  11. Portal administration are not responsible for not received letters of appreciation and project reports if an e-mail written in the donation form is incorrect.
  12. Portal administration has the right to use donor contact information for Portal marketing purposes, but obligates not to transfer e-mails, telephone numbers and other personal data to third parties and ensures data security.
  13. A person, who donates takes all and any liability concerning the validity of his/her personal data and the transparency of donated money.  In cases, when a person donates in other person‘s name, he/she takes the responsibility for last-mentioned person‘s name and surname being published on donor list, except cases when he/she chose to donate anonymously.
  14. Upon receipt of confirmation from the bank money transfer, the amount is immediately added to the collected funds. The orders are included in 48 hours when it is donated without the use of portal’s installed links to e-banking systems.
  15. If a person fills in the incorrect sum of money in the donation form and seeks for a partial refund, he/she must contact Portal administration in 24 hours from transfer, explain the situation and write a request for partial return. Portal administration makes an individual decision based on the information provided.
  16. If a person who donates chooses a project incorectly, he/she must contact Portal administration in 24 hours to change the purpose of donated money.
  17. The cash surplus will be allocated to one or more active projects if the project due to technical reasons (a number of different orders are made at the same time) will collect more money than set out in the project description, or if the organization refuses to carry out the project.
  18. If donor does not indicate clearly the purpose of donation and it is not possible to recognize to which project the donation is intended to, Portal administration has the right to allocate donation to any active project in Portal.
  19. Portal administrators reserve the right to change the Rules at any time.