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Recurring giving


Recurring giving: one donation but a lot of good deeds!

Recurring donation is a monthly donation for the whole category of social projects. Just a few simple steps will allow you to set a recurring donation via a payment card and every month your allocated support will automatically randomly reach a different project in the category.

In each category, projects selected and checked by team; you can view them by clicking on the link “View projects”.

Each time when the support is deducted from a payment card, you will receive a message via email, and you can cancel your recurring donation at any time by clicking the cancel button in the message window.

Become a recurring donor and do a lot of good deeds much simpler!

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Projects intended to help children, youth and families living in difficult conditions. Review projects
Projects intended to help ill children and people with physical or mental disabilities. Review projects
Projects intended to help the lonely elderly and people in poverty. Review projects
Projects intended to provide emotional support and help people experiencing crisis situations. Review projects
Projects intended to improve education and culture situation and accessibility to the society. Review projects
Projects intended to help homeless animals and save the environment. Review projects
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10 EUR
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    Frequently asked questions

    What is recurring donation?

    Recurring donation is a monthly selected amount of support that is automatically deducted from the donor’s payment card and allocated to the selected donation category.

    How to become a recurring donor?

    1. Select the category you would like to donate to (you can view the projects that are currently in the category by clicking on the link “View projects”).

    2. Select the amount to donate each month from the available options or enter your desired amount.

    3. If you want to receive donation news, tick the box “I agree to receive donation news”.

    4. Familiarize yourself with the privacy policy and rules and tick the box and click on the “Continue” button.

    5. In the pop-up window, enter your card details, name, surname, and email address to which you would like to receive notifications-receipts about deducted donations.

    6. Read and agree to the rules, click the “Donate <Your entered amount> € per month” button.

    7. The first donation will be deducted immediately, and you will receive a notification-receipt of the donation via the indicated email.

    8. Each month the selected amount will be deducted from your payment card, and you will receive a notification-receipt of the donation via email.

    How recurring donation takes place?

    Recurring donation takes place in cooperation with the payment by payment cards on platform.

    After becoming recurring donor, the donated amount will be deducted from the donor’s payment card on the same day of each month. In the event of a monthly transaction, you will receive a notification of the deducted donation via email from our periodic donation intermediary the platform If there will be an insufficient balance on your card on the day the funds should be deducted, will also notify you of the failed donation and the funds will be deducted when there will be a sufficient balance on the payment card.

    We are very sorry that so far information is only available in English. If you have questions, you can always ask and we will help.

    For what will my monthly donations be used?

    Your chosen donation amount is randomly allocated to a different project of the selected category each month, so e.g. as a periodic donor for one year you support not one project but even all 12 different projects in the category. You can view which projects are currently in the category by clicking on the link “View projects” in each category selection. All projects in the category and the organizations implementing them are selected by team.

    Is my credit/debit card eligible?

    To become a periodic donor and allocate support monthly, all credit and debit cards that allow/enable online payments are eligible. The security of the card and personal data is ensured by our periodic donation intermediary

    What to do if I changed the card?

    After deducting the donation amount every month, you will receive a receipt of the transaction from via the email address that you indicated. By clicking on the “Manage Payments” button in the email, you will be able to see your recurring donation details. To add another card, click the “Update Card” button and enter the details of a new card.

    How to cancel recurring donation?

    There are two ways to cancel recurring donation at any time:

    1. By clicking on the “Manage Payments” button in the transaction receipt sent via email every month and by clicking on the “Cancel subscription” button in an open window about your periodic donation.
    2. After contacting us via email and indicating your name, surname, and email address.

    Once the cancellation is confirmed, the funds will no longer be deducted from the payment card. To become a periodic donor again, you will need to complete a periodic donation form and submit card details (see “How to become a periodic donor?”).

    How my personal data is managed?

    If you choose to become a recurring donor, you will provide your personal data to our partner that will pass this data on to us. We recommend that you read Privacy policy and contact  the service provider directly if you have any questions about how they use your personal data.

    You will find information on how we manage personal data in our Privacy policy.

    What to do if I cannot find the answer to my question?

    If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact our team via email or by phone +370 602 31001. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.