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Welcome basket "Hello, Sunshine!"


Welcome basket "Hello, Sunshine!"

About 40 babies are born with Down syndrome in Lithuania each year. Usually the diagnosis is confirmed at birth and is often a huge surprise to parents, which is followed by a strong emotional and psychological shock. Many parents realise that they know practically nothing about Down syndrome and often panic and are fearful and uncertain about the future.

In order to help such parents, the Association of People with Down Syndrome and their Caregivers are starting a new initiative “Hello, Sunshine!”. The initiative involves preparation of a support package for parents who have a baby with Down syndrome. The package will contain a brochure about Down syndrome (greetings on the arrival of the baby and warm wishes, references and contacts, and how to find information and support), several gifts for the baby (a soft duvet, socks knitted by mothers who have children with Down syndrome, a photograph frame, and a developmental toy) and will be given to the new parents while they are still in the hospital.

We believe that the support and useful information will help families to cope more quickly and to become stronger psychologically and ensure that the little Sunshines get timely and necessary help.