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Warm a Fifth Leg's Heart


Warm a Fifth Leg's Heart

Our shelter doesn't have enough space for stray animals which were injured or just left by their masters. Phone is ringing constantly however most of the calls are made by people who want to leave their pets and not the other way around. We're helpless. Shelter doesn't have enough space but we can't say "no" to an injured or exhausted animal but also there's no way for us to give away an animal which wasn't sterilized or vaccinated.

When the project "Catch - Sterilize - Release" started we understood that there's way much more work to do before releasing a sick animal. For example: when we catch an ill cat, at first it must be healed, eradicated from parasites, sterilized and finally released.

We were told that crisis is over however for us it happens every week. Only you can help us to keep going forward so we're kindly asking to support our Fifth Legs. Don't be indifferent!

The purpose of the project is to provide support not only for animals in our shelter but also for stray cats which are brought to "Catch - Sterilize - Release" program. With your help the stray cats of Kaunas will be vaccinated, sterilized and given food with a warm shelter. Donations will also help us to finally build a missing premises of the shelter in Linksmakalnis.

Only with YOUR help we'll be able to provide help to our poor friends living in the streets!