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Twelve beating hearts


Twelve beating hearts

The Rūpestinga širdelė Foundation currently take care for 12 young children from all over Lithuania who need gastrostomy and enteral nutrition due to a serious medical condition. Compensation fed to children with gastrostomy can only be reimbursed by patients in hospitals, but when returning home parents have to buy special food mixtures and systems at their own expense… Approximately one family spends a little more than € 500-600 per month (which amounts to just over € 6,000 per year).

All of these children have other difficult diagnoses that can be alleviated by visiting a specialist. However, due to financial deprivation, parents are unable to allow children to do so as often as they should.

Taking the financial burden off the shoulders of the family would open up new opportunities for them - to allow the child to visit specialists: physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, etc.

Your support can save your child's life!