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To Know the Disability


To Know the Disability

People without disabilities stereotypically imagine the abilities of people with disabilities - physical, intellectual, creative. The Tolerance Factory provides opportunities for people with disabilities and people without disabilities to communicate and collaborate in joint activities, to get acquainted through positive practices and information-experiential power and disability meetings.

Tolerance Factory organizes social, educational projects and community events. Our hallmark is unique experiential encounters in which we not only talk, discuss disability, but also try out the situations that people with long-term or short-term disabilities face on a daily basis. In this way, we contribute to the interaction between people, communities and organizations, the dissemination of objective information and show that different social groups get to know each other most easily and start to communicate successfully by engaging in meaningful activities together.

During the meetings, we get to know the participants, make presentations about disabilities, show videos, communicate and answer all our questions. In the experiential part, the participants are given the opportunity to try out various techniques of the disabled and to feel the "skin" of a person with a disability, even for a short time. Participants become designers who “up close” create a friendly environment for all members of the community. We also organize educational sessions for children during the meetings, during which they sew their own toys from textiles and get to know the disability “live”. During the meeting, the children understand that the most important problem is not the disability, but the attitude towards it.

We are all born different. Only we can break down stereotypes and build bridges of communion. Only together - people with and without disabilities - can we create a friendly and comfortable environment for everyone.