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Talented Children - The Future of Ours


Talented Children - The Future of Ours

The National Student Organization (NMA) is a unique non-profit organization that has been helping academics and music-savvy students to unleash their potential and realize it to its full potential for 17 years. Lithuania's intellectual potential is being strengthened at the Academy. Regardless of the place of residence, talented children have the opportunity to learn from teachers in Lithuania and other countries, to gain knowledge from professionals in various fields, educational figures and researchers.

"Nowhere else have I met such a high percentage of people who would be willing to give or share" (NPA graduate I. Kalpokas)

With your support, we can:

1) Reduce social exclusion in the education of gifted children and reduce regional educational disparities. Gifted and talented children who do not live in big cities must also have access to high-quality educational services that meet their potential. The cost of camps organized by the NMA often becomes a financial barrier for families raising gifted children. Thanks to the support, talented children will have the opportunity to develop regardless of their place of residence or family's financial situation.

“Although I graduated from the NMA six years ago, I am grateful to the Academy every day! If it weren’t for the Academy, a timid girl from the countryside wouldn’t have even thought the world was so big, fun, and vast. <...> There are not many opportunities in small rural schools to try and improve in practice in various fields, and it is in the Academy that such an opportunity has arisen. <...> NMA raised me and laid a strong foundation for my future life. ” (NMA graduate N. Barauskaitė)

2) Create unique educational content focused on the individual needs of gifted and talented children. During the twice-yearly NMA sessions, students improve their minds, souls and bodies - not only do they deepen their subject knowledge, but they also overcome the challenges of personal development and take part in evening events led by prominent national figures - journalists, politicians, actors, travelers, scientists, etc. The complex education of children during the sessions creates preconditions and helps to form a creative, harmonious, responsible and open personality. Learn more about sessions there .

“NMA teachers are top-level professionals who reveal the best qualities of students and foster interdisciplinary collaboration by example. The NMA has opened its doors to the best Danish universities for me. ” (NMA graduate M. Jundulaitė)

Contribute to the NMA's mission. Let's help Lithuanian talents rise together!