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Sports for Socially Supported Children and Youth


Sports for Socially Supported Children and Youth

Vilnius police club for children and youth is attended by children from socially-supported and risk families. Most of them are active, some of them have behaviour disorders, so they need something to be engaged. A long-lived practice shows that the best way to keep those children busy is sports activities.

At this time we do not have financial resources to provide children these activities. Children and youth, who are active at sports are less tend to addictions and other negative social appearances. Sports club always attracts children‘s and youth attention and we have a suitable room with trainers and a large place for other sports activities.

The aim of the project is to educate children and youth, who are at social risk, wellness and sports skills with preventive addiction activities. Children spending their time at sports club and groups have less time for being in the streets and unacceptable behaviour: using alcohol, smoking at public spaces.