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Social Taxi


Social Taxi

“Impossible is not the fact. It is only an opinion.“

Social Taxi is a programme, social service and campaign for people with movement disabilities in order to encourage their mobility. The Social Taxi cars are specific, made under special order to ensure self sufficiency of people moving with the help of a wheelchair. At this moment Social Taxi service has 300 registered users. For most of them Social Taxi fully improved their life quality – people can be independent and be mobile, reach any place in the city without the help of their fmily of friends.

People with movement disabilities can order a trip on the e-system. At ordered time a Social Taxi assistant – social worker arrives and helps user to get into the car and reach the destinantion. Volunteers ensure the self sufficiency of people with disabilities in public places. This service not only provides mobility but also active participation in various activities.

Most of the buildings are not adjusted for people with disabilities, so assitants have difficulties to lower or lift people on stairs. This problem can be solved with a stair lifter, that can lift people up to 140 kg weight.