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Smiles that Help to Heal!


Smiles that Help to Heal!

"We stepped into the ward with Bronson. 4-year old was sitting in his mom's lap, by their side grandma was resting, unsettled and concentrated dad was standing by the door. They all were a little bit confused by an unexpected visitors. Clowns? Now what? You could literally taste the weirdness that was hanging in the air. We asked the name of the girl. Sun, mom said. Then I took out my ukulele and started to play. With Bronson we're singing the name of the girl. It took just few seconds and then something happened! Big fat cloud of tears exploded! Mom with grandma started to cry and, strangely enough, even very serious dad shed some tears. By the time we had to leave, everyone was smiling, especially the little Sun. It was a common feeling that the we stopped the storm just in time.", - clown Lelija shared her memory.

This story is one of the many examples what happens when clowndoctors visit children in the hospitals. A lot fun things happens when we step into the ward, starting from rain of bubbles, improvised singing with parents and even characters from fairy tales come to life. Sometimes we just quietly sitting and holding the hand of a little one before an unpleasant procedure.

It's a well known fact that such theatrical and fun communication is like a therapy which helps children to heal faster. It also helps to relieve the tension in the ward and children can feel more safer and joyful. With clowndoctors the little ones can forget about their health and just be children.