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„Raudonų žandų klubas“


„Raudonų žandų klubas“

All children deserve red cheeks - ie. opportunities for healthy growth, movement, sports, and exercise. Children with developmental disabilities often do not have that opportunity, because sports clubs are not only often not ready to accept such children, but also the families themselves prefer educational and correctional therapies.

As the experience of the most successful practitioners shows, the effectiveness of speech therapy classes increases when combined with dynamics, movement therapy, and physical activity. This increases the child's motivation and at the same time prepares him sensorially for concentration. It is extremely important for children with disabilities to experience physical activities as often as possible, because such children are not included in non-formal education sports clubs.

The essence of this project is to provide children with speech therapy services that are so needed and missing, which are combined with motivational mobility and sensory games. In this way, not only language is developed, but also coordination, self-regulation, motivation is strengthened, and at the same time, if the exercises are properly applied, the child properly "unloads" his tensions. In most cases, therapeutic speech therapist services for families are provided in big cities, so they are inaccessible not only because of the family's financial capabilities, but also because of the long journey.

Let's give children with developmental disabilities visits to speech therapists, let's help the "Red Lips Club"!