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Not to Take, but Give


Not to Take, but Give

Children growing up in orphanages often have learning and motivation difficulties and lack social skills. The project aims to improve children's learning outcomes and interest them in science, education and professional opportunities. The aim is also for children and volunteers to make equal friendships.

The aim of the project is educational and social - to improve the understanding of the importance of education and professional acquisition of children in orphanages, to increase the prospects of social integration, civic activism, to develop social skills and to make friends with orphans.

Volunteers meet with young people 1-2 times a week. When they meet, they prepare homework, prepare for maturity exams, learn extra, communicate in an informal environment, spend time together. Volunteers share their knowledge and experience with children, try to motivate them, encourage them to pursue higher education and careers, help them to integrate into the living environment and peers.