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“Nobody’s Children”: That No Child Should Be Left Alone


“Nobody’s Children”: That No Child Should Be Left Alone

"Nobody's Children" volunteers take care for alone children in hospitals who are left without the care of parents or other loved ones.

More than 380 children have not been left alone in hospitals, thanks to volunteers, which means more than 30,000 minutes of sincere care, obviousness and love.

It is not enough for a litlle child, that someone come to him for several times a day for a short time – he needs a person to be with him at all times, or at least most of the time, to bear him, calm him down, play games and do activities that help him to forget his sadness at least a little.

Being cared for by volunteers gives children the opportunity to experience a positive relationship, which means when your needs are really important to someone, when they are properly responded to. It gives children an understanding that they are important too.

If these children are important to you too, get involved and together we will make sure no child is left alone in the hospital!

More information: bei Facebook page Niekieno vaikai.