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"Nobody's Children" - Not Alone in Hospitals


"Nobody's Children" - Not Alone in Hospitals

The festive period symbolizes warmth and closeness with family and loved ones. But for those who don’t have them, or are separated from them, it’s a really painful period of loneliness.

Nobody's Children volunteers have been caring for lonely children in hospitals who have been left without the care of parents or other loved ones for more than 3 years. Throughout the initiative, we have noticed that the holiday period is particularly difficult for children who have to meet the holidays in the hospital alone.

Since 2018, thanks to the “Nobody's Children” initiative, 550 children have been left alone in hospitals, of which as many as 77 children were in the hospital during the festive period. Volunteers of the Nobody's Children initiative find time for single children even during the holidays, realizing what a sensitive time it is for sick babies. In total, the Nobody's Children volunteers have spent more than 5,200 hours in hospitals during the festive period.

Proximity is one of the most important emotional needs of a person, and especially for a small child! Together, we can make sure that no child is left alone or forgotten at Christmas. Lonely children, surrounded by the care and attention of volunteers, can experience the Christmas miracle even in the hospital.

If these children are important to you too - contribute, and together we will strive to ensure that no child is too st. Christmas wouldn’t leave you alone in the hospital!