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“Nobody’s Children”: No Child Should Be Left in Hospital Alone


“Nobody’s Children”: No Child Should Be Left in Hospital Alone

‘The wards were divided by walls with huge windows. Children from an orphanage were brought into one of them, a girl and two younger boys. They had nothing on them: no possessions, no toys, no food. Nobody was visiting them. The boys were calling the slightly older girl ‘mum’. She being a child herself was carrying them in her arms and holding their hands.

My mum was visiting me in the evenings, she’d brought hot food, sweets and fruit. The kids from the next door ward would lean against the ward’s window, eyeing us. I thought they were hungry, so I took them some cookies and compote. It’s only now that I understand that they weren’t hungry. They weren’t looking at the food, they were looking at my mum taking care of me: feeding me, talking to me, hugging me. They were desperate for love and warmth. By holding their palms against the ward’s window they were reaching out for these feelings whilst observing us. My heart bleeds as I remember this.’

Rasa (An excerpt from a post in Facebook)

This is one of many stories about ‘nobody’s children’ – the orphans or kids that were taken from their families and left in hospitals without care. Many of us will find stories like this not so far away. Sick children, sad and left on their own to deal with their pain and fear. Things shouldn’t be like that.

The ‘Nobody’s Children’ initiative is aiming at changing this situation and making sure that there is an adult with every abandoned child, trained and capable of taking care of their emotional welfare. The first trained volunteers will start work in Vilnius hospitals in the summer of 2018. The volunteers will spend as much time with the children as required.

Your support is needed in order for the initiative to grow. Help us create a change so that the children aren’t left on their own during the toughest times. The money collected from donations will be spent on training, support and coordination of the volunteers.

There shouldn’t be any ‘nobody’s children’ in our society. All children are ours.