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“Nobody’s Children”: No Child Should Be Left in Hospital Alone


“Nobody’s Children”: No Child Should Be Left in Hospital Alone

The ‘Nobody’s Children’ initiative is making sure that there is an adult with every lonely child in the hospital, trained and capable of taking care of their emotional welfare. The volunteers spend as much time with the children as required.

During the implementation period of the initiative, from 2018 of June, more than 380 children have not been left alone. Our goal is to ensure that no child is left alone in the hospital. The initiative takes place in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai and Panevėžys. It is planned to expand activities to other hospitals in Lithuania.

“Nobody's Children” aims to ensure that every child in the hospital is accompanied by an adult who can properly take care of his emotional state. Volunteers have passed selection, trainings and have ongoing support from the coordinators and psychologists to ensure the quality of the activity. Efforts are made to keep the constant team of people to one child in order to establish and maintain emotional contact. The typical duration of one standby is 5 hours. It is ensured that smallest children are in constant care of the volunteer event at night.

Your support is needed in order for the initiative to grow. Help us create a change so that the children aren’t left on their own during the toughest times. The money collected from donations will be spent on selection, training, support and coordination of the volunteers.

Help us ensure that no child is left in the hospital alone!