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Loneliness Lasts Longer Than Quarantine


Loneliness Lasts Longer Than Quarantine

Lithuanian Red Cross program “Warm Visits” for three years has been trying to look for deep emotional connection and quality of communication with single elderly people. They want them to feel full members of our society, to take care of themselves and to integrate into the life of the community.

Not during a pandemic , volunteers regularly visit elders in their homes, interact with them, go for walks, and engage in interesting activities for both. Volunteers share valuable information on how to take care of emotional and physical health, promote the learning of valuable skills, make use of the services provided to them by the community, and help in household.

During quarantine , elders receive regular emotional support through more frequent and longer phone conversations, handwritten letters, and surprises. Red Cross volunteers deliver food or medicine safely as needed, provide information to protect from the virus, take care of health, and help find solutions to difficult situations.

During the project:
• We will provide individual assistance to older people: regular talks, assistance with household issues, escorting to medical facilities or community events, in difficult cases – professional help from psychologists.
• We will take care of volunteers: we will improve the preparation of volunteers, will pay even more attention to strengthening the skills of first psychological help, will take care of the emotional support of volunteers, strengthen the community.