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Let's help homeless cats


Let's help homeless cats

Residents often inform animals shelters about stray cats seen in yards, but they are often overcrowded and unable to accept new strays. In a year, one stray cat can give birth to a litter of 3 kittens, and one of them usually consists of about 4-5 kittens. If no measures are taken, the number of stray cats can grow out of control.

Understanding the situation of overcrowded shelters, several cat lovers took the initiative into their own hands. For a long time, they caught, treated, tagged, and vaccinated stray cats. As the scale of the rescue increased, VšĮ "Batuotos katės" appeared. This is a non-traditional shelter - no premises, no staff. Cats are cared for and socialized in volunteer homes, and they are also provided with the necessary veterinary assistance.

VšĮ "Batuotos katės" currently has about 100 cats under its care, and has already rescued 164 cats from street life in less than a year of establishment.

Cats temporarily housed in volunteer homes are safe, pregnant cats and their offspring are also cared for. All cats are treated, vaccinated, marked and sterilized. Thus, once homeless cats, receiving full care, find real homes.

Let's help homeless cats start their lives anew!