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Let's give the green light to life


Let's give the green light to life

Justina, a Youth Line volunteer, saved the boy's life on the night of January 12 this year. Speaking ...

Sensitive. Strong. Exciting. Here's how to describe that conversation.

I remember just returning from a month's vacation at Youth Line. Even before the stand-by, I felt that I was no longer motivated to stand by, so I would consider what to do in that case.
One conversation changed everything. The guy who called said people didn’t understand him, he didn’t want to live, and that the thin ledge of the bridge separates the dark and light sides of his life. Knowing that the person talking to you is standing on the bridge is scary. Because you realize that this can only end in two ways, one of which is suicide. I was frank - I mentioned that I was just as scared of how it could all end up. This guy needed a lot of support, and since I couldn’t be around physically, I supported him as much as I could with my thoughts and words.
"You're not alone, I'm near. I am next to your thoughts and now I am reaching out to you. "imagine, take my hand, and let's go together," I told him. After these words he withdrew from the edge of the bridge.
I remember during the conversation I kept asking if he had stepped away from the bridge at least a little bit. It probably sounded like a broken record, but I cared about getting to make sure we were heading in the right direction.
As I remember now, the conversation lasted 1 hour 47 minutes. One hour and forty-seven minutes. At the end of it, I sighed loudly in the waiting room, “He is walking down the Alley of Freedom!” First of all, I felt grateful to him for addressing us and for speaking together to get away from the dark side. I also thanked the phone lines for working flawlessly and not dropping the call.
I clearly realized that in the conversation, not only did I help, but I also helped me. This gave more motivation to be on duty, more self-confidence and the knowledge that the activities of the Youth Line are very much needed.
I believed. I believe. I will continue to hope that one conversation can save lives!
Volunteer Justina

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