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Let’s give the animal a Christmas without pain


Let’s give the animal a Christmas without pain

In the photos is our former foster dog Minda. The injured, exhausted puppy who came to the shelter is currently a full-fledged member of a large family.

Minda was in poor condition in "SOS Animals": after a serious leg injury, her head was scratched (our guess the car was obstructed), we were able to count her ribs due to her skinnyness. We urgently transported her to perform a complex leg operation, later followed by cage treatment, antibiotics, rehabilitation ... We took more than two months, but the puppy recovered completely.

We were already preparing to place advertisements for Minda's gift when a large family came to the shelter: Greta, Aurimas and little Kasparas with Vakarė. Minda came down and lay down at Aurimas's feet, asked to pat her tummy and impressed the whole family with her charming eyes.

Minda has now become Luna and has been a full member of the family for two months now. The dog is very lucky: she has a large yard, goes for walks 3-4 times to the fields and forests near the house, even started attending training. Greta and Aurimas are happy that Luna made friends with the children very quickly: they play together and even come to comfort if someone cries. And the biggest surprise - Luna managed to change the family's old lonely cat with her kindness. Previously, he didn't even want to jump on his knees, but now Luna is following everywhere and when she lies on a man's feet - she settles on her knees like nothing.

We invite you to help her fateful friends this Christmas.

Every third animal in the "SOS Animal" Shelter is injured, exhausted or ill. The main reason for this is that animals do not usually come to us from safe homes, but from neglect, violence or simply from the street. A full life is not possible if the animal is in pain, is in poor condition. Therefore, to help these animals, we must first cure acute diseases and injuries, control chronic diseases, restore normal weight, energy levels.

This Christmas, we invite you to help sick, exhausted, injured animals in the SOS Animal Shelter and create a real Christmas miracle - to give them a new quality life without pain.