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Let's Stop Animal abuse 2019


Let's Stop Animal abuse 2019

The aim of the project is to solve the problem in a comprehensive way:

To solve cases of animal neglect and cruelty - an experienced team of lawyers and consultants will conduct field research, work with authorities to ensure that these cases are properly investigated and appropriate penalties were imposted. Also, will form the missing legal practice in the field of animal welfare.

Empower people and organizations - we will create a scheme that will let people know where they need to get help if they know animal cruelty case, we will prepare a sample of legal documents, will advise through the process, and will assist with the preparation of documents. People will be able to contribute directly in animal welfare in Lithuania.

To raise public awareness - we will publicize relevant information, inform about the opportunity to improve animal living conditions, and inform about the consequences of animal neglect or cruelty.viešinsime aktualią informaciją, supažindinsime su galimybėmis gerinti gyvūnų gyvenimo sąlygas, pažindinsime su gyvūnų nepriežiūros ar žiauraus elgesio su gyvūnais pasekmėmis.