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Let's Share 2022


Let's Share 2022

Share - together we are stronger than hunger!

Even one euro donated by you helps "Food Bank". To help people who cannot afford wholesome food, whose children can only dream of sweets for their birthdays, such as a festive cake. And holiday cakes, like many other food products, are not all sold in stores, not all food is sold in factories, farms or catering establishments. Therefore, "Food Bank" builds a bridge between those who are in need and those who have more. Every day, the organization collects surplus food from various legal entities or farms that have it and transfers it to those in need. This activity of "Food Bank" also costs money - you have to pay room rental fees, pay for bus fuel, buy work tools, but the organization's activities are still efficient. Every euro donated allows us to feed a family of five for a day - giving them enough food to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every euro donated helps save 7.5 kg of good food from being thrown away. Therefore, by giving support to the "Food Bank" you not only help those in need, but also contribute to stopping climate warming. Greenhouse gases generated by discarded food account for as much as 10 percent. of all global emissions. This is twice as much pollution as all the cars driving in Europe and the USA emit.

Share - help both people and nature!