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Let's Help to Overcome Crisis Together


Let's Help to Overcome Crisis Together

Whatever successful and happy life would be, nobody can avoid crisis – a situation, which is led by anxiety, pressure, threats, insecurity, danger, confusion and similar feelings.

Many psychological crisis are related to losses. It may be close people deaths or suicides, divorce as well as losing health, ability to feel happy, life quality, job, social status, value or hope.

It is important that every human affected by crisis could find needed help. Volunteer-consultants are on duty in the Centre of Overcoming Crisis to give a free, anonymous psychological assistance without registration in advance.

The aim of the Centre of Overcoming Crisis is to provide instant, anonymous and financially reasonable psychological consultations when they are needed. COC services are unique, because they are provided 3 times a week (on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 4 to 8 PM) by professionals, which can be reached without registration and people can receive primary help for free. Easily found and accessible psychological support is vital when it comes to people, who are considering suicide, experiencing loss or other painful feelings.

More information: and Facebook page.