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Let’s Help People With Oncology Disorders


Let’s Help People With Oncology Disorders

Young people and adults in the treatment of oncology or in remission need several years to adapt to the changed circumstances, both psychologically and socially.

Oncology patients and their relatives usually face not only social, physical, psychological problems, but also problems arising from the relationship with themselves, communication with the social environment, spiritual and existential difficulties.

Your support would enable 1440 Lithuanian oncology patients treated out of hospital or in remission to receive the necessary integrated care free of charge for one year according to individual needs - psychosocial and health services: individual consultations of a psychologist, individual consultations of a social worker, physical activity classes, musical relaxation and individual relaxation, their relatives (about 70 persons) - psychological consultations and consultations of a social worker.

The project would help:
• to create favorable technological conditions for overcoming the psychological and social crisis;
• to teach new patterns of behavior in the situation of oncological disease;
• increase biosocial tension (reduced insomnia, anxiety, fear and physical discomfort, improved sleep quality, enhanced immunity, etc.);
• increase physical activity, leading to better well-being and recovery. Physical activity is required after surgical treatment to restore lost mobility of parts of the body (scars formed, nervous numbness, etc.) in order to start further treatment with radiation therapy;
• to improve the quality of life (the patient would acquire more independence and abilities, the desired orientation in the social environment, increased communications, etc.);
• to meet the communication needs (help to overcome the feeling of loneliness, distrust, get the necessary information, etc.);
• return to a full social life (work / professional, social activities, studies, etc.)

More information: also in Facebook page „Šv. Pranciškaus onkologijos centras“..