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Let's Create a Safe and Cozy Place for Little Paws!


Let's Create a Safe and Cozy Place for Little Paws!

The owner is dead, help! The owner is lying in the hospital, will not return, help! I moved from the village to the city, the dog stays old, help!

This is our daily routine. We work hard to help everyone, we distribute ads wherever possible, we look for new homes. But no one wants an old dog. Then the only path that leads to the shelter remains. Often such a newcomer has lived at home, so there is no way we can accommodate him outdoors, especially during the cold period. Even those who have spent their entire lives guarding their owner peaceful sleep, looking out the windows of the house from the outside, are worth more. We want the elderly, who already have sore joints, who can no longer see and hear much, to feel safe at the sunset of their lives, to be loved, to live warmly, to sleep peacefully, with full belly.

The goal of the project is to purchase three more modular cottages, which, when connected to the existing seven, will expand the interior with five rooms and a laundry room. Each room will have an exit to its own fenced yard. In that courtyard, our wards will be able to enjoy the sunshine, watch the action in the shelter, and if they wish to rest, return to a warm home on their own and lie down in their soft bed. The laundry is designed to wash the dogs beds.

Old dogs, like humans, are wise and full of tolerance for each other, so three to six puppies could live in one room. This means that the new apartments could accommodate 20-25 individuals with different experiences and short life stories. There are currently 95 dogs living in our shelter, a third of them are seniors (about 10 years of age and older).

Help us make another dream come true - to create a warm, cozy and safe place for all senior dogs!