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Let's Create a Safe Environment for Animals


Let's Create a Safe Environment for Animals

NGO little firend receives requests for help every day to take into care a lost, no longer needed or found animal. During the last year, 72 cats and 127 dogs had found new homes, but currently another 55 dogs and 40 cats are in foster care. It is important for the organization not only take the animal under its care, but also to ensure that it will be properly taken care of, all the requirements set by the veterinary service will be met, thus providing the animal with the best possible conditions at this temporary stop. All that is currently needed to achieve this goal are – quality aviaries, where stray dogs can safely wait for their new homes.

The organization NGO little firend has recently started to be established in a new homestead, where small steps are being taken to create suitable living conditions for homeless four-legged friends. The current goal is new aviaries where the dogs will be safe and able to adapt to the new environment.

Let's help create a safe environment for four-legged friends!