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Let's Create a Cozy Place for Youth


Let's Create a Cozy Place for Youth

Pal. J. Matulaitis social center has a full range of services for children from 6 to 18 years of age, there is a possibility to provide various types of long-term services.

The Children's Day Center focuses not only on meaningful employment for children, but also on integrated social services, working with children with various difficulties.

A long-term program for the development of social competences for young people aged 14 to 18 with various difficulties has been developed and is being successfully implemented.

Young people participating in this program can also take part in open space activities that are not strictly defined, such as day center activities, and at the same time focus on a wider audience and promote the integration of young people.

It is understood that appropriate, high-quality, relevant services must be provided in premises that are in line with the service, arranged and that enhance human self-esteem, and therefore for this part as well. J. Matulaitis Social Center constantly pays attention.

The current premises where the activities take place are old, worn out. The open space for young people is located in no longer used garage. With the help of young people, the premises have been repeatedly restored and repainted, but this is not enough for the general condition. The sanitary facilities of both– the day care center and the youth space are in a very poor condition. The open kitchen of the youth is also worn out, no longer functional - the floor covering has been rubbed off, the kitchen cabinets is broken.

Pal. J. Matulaitis Social Center seeks to renovate and repair the premises so that children, young people, volunteers and staff who gather in them can not only enjoy and be proud of the activities and warm relationship, but also spend time with dignity, feeling that they are worthy of a beautiful, tidy environment.

We invite you to contribute to creating a quality and comfortable environment for children and youth!