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It Seemed Like Nobody Cared if I am Alive or Not


It Seemed Like Nobody Cared if I am Alive or Not

“It was very difficult to talk, everything ached... These moments were the most complicated ones in my entire life: I couldn‘t see the meaning of life, it seemed like nobody cared whether I was alive or not, I was considering suicide... But a word after a word I finally talked. I told about my problems to the volunteer of the “Youth Line“, I told him everything about bullying at school, an alcoholic father, the tension at home. The conversation helped me a lot, I calmed down and instantly felt better“.

“A friend of mine encouraged me to call the “Youth Line“. She told me: “Call them, Evelina. They don‘t know you, they don‘t see you, they talk to you in an anonymous way – you won‘t lose anything if you try.“ Afterwards, I was really happy that I had decided to call them. Since the first conversation with the volunteer of the “Youth Line“, my life has changed. Now I‘m stronger as a personality and other people can‘t bother me so easily. I know that I‘m not alone and this gives me strength to live“.

Everyday, more than 300 young and stressed people call to the „Youth Line“ and this is often the only acceptable way of help for them. Young people approach the „Youth Line“ because of the thoughts about a suicide, relationships with their parents/foster parents, friends, people of the opposite sex, also because of the loneliness or bullying.

During the year of 2016, the volunteers of the “Youth Line“ received more than 196 thousand calls, but could answer 64 thousand. It means that we anwered one out of three calls and 1648 e-mails. The goal of this project is to ensure the conditions needed for supplying constant emotional support for young people.