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Holiday Gift for Oncology Patients


Holiday Gift for Oncology Patients

Cancer illness patient is highly stressed due to his/hers future, lifestyle, social conditions, changed plans, physical changes, spiritual, existential difficulties, so it is especially important to maintain the psychosocial well-being of oncology patients, reduce stress and increase hope.

This Christmas project would provide an opportunity for Lithuanian oncology patients receive much-needed free continuing health care services during medical treatment or remission. The patient would receive a package of personalized health services during the Christmas period: for one person - an individual relaxation body relaxation service (5 pcs.) and rehabilitation exercises in the pool (5 pcs.) In total, about 500 health services for cancer patients would be provided during the Christmas period. Studies have shown that patients' physical activity during and after treatment improved their physical condition and quality of life, and reduced disease-related fatigue. Individual relaxing body relaxation has a positive effect on the further process of recovery: it moves stiff muscles, improves blood circulation, mobility, general well-being and mood.

The following activities would help:
• increase physical activity in cancer patients;
• to improve well-being and recovery, to restore lost mobility of body parts (scars, nervousness, etc.) in order to start further treatment, etc .;
• reduce biosocial stress (insomnia, anxiety, fear, physical discomfort, quality of sleep, etc .;
• Encourage the cancer patient to return to a full social life (work / professional, social activities, studies, etc.).

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