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Help the Most Vulnerable Refugee Families Together


Help the Most Vulnerable Refugee Families Together

Ana left Russia with her child and was accommodated in Vilnius airport borderland control spot for two weeks while her asylum request was awaiting decision. During that time, milk powder supplies for a child ended and given dry food was not suitable for a young child‘s nutrition. After a week spent in the airport child suffered from digestive disorders, rashes and was in need of a medical help.

Families with small children in these situations lack food, hygiene products, diapers and etc., which are provided by Lithuanian Red Cross Society in borderland control spots, but there is not enough funds to provide this type of support constantly.

Samir from Afganistan lives in Lithuania for many years. He has a disability and suffers from epilepsy, so he has to visit doctors and take drugs. Without support Samir could not afford to buy extra drugs, hygiene products, he couldn‘t even afford to buy transport ticket to visit a doctor. Lithuanian Red Cross Society seeks to ensure the most necessary help for Samir and other vulnerable people, who do not receive any other support.

These are only a few examples which we face every day. Without your support we wouldn‘t be able to help the most vulnerable people, who need help here and now.

This project is aimed to provide humanitarian and psychosocial aid for refugees in Lithuania, who suffered from war or ran away from their countries for other reasons, when there is no possibility to cover expenses from projects funded by the state or other funds. The priority is given for the most vulnerable families with small children.

With the funds raised on earlier we helped more than 600 people, who suffered from war. When there is not enough funding, most of these people do not receive the necessary help. Even the smallest amount can change people lives, so we invite to donate to this project and help the most vulnerable members of our society.