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Help life to win against cancer


Help life to win against cancer

More than 50 people in Lithuania are diagnosed with cancer every day. Every day new people find themselves in a new reality, on a new, unfamiliar, often frightening path, where, without maps and guides to help them find their way, they are dealing with the same issues and problems that other people have already encountered and perhaps even solved, such as whether the symptoms I am experiencing mean I have cancer, how long it takes to confirm or reject a diagnosis, what to do next, how to help myself get better, whether lifestyle changes are necessary, what to consume and what to avoid and so on.

Aware of the needs of people facing a cancer diagnosis and their relatives, and in order to address them, Lithuanian Cancer Patient Coalition (POLA) is launching a new project inviting people to contact one of POLA's new volunteer Patient Guides for help, advice and support.

"If I had received the kind of help we are now going to provide together at the beginning of my illness, my life would have been much easier. POLA is about welcoming, helping, supporting and providing information in a convenient way to the patient," say the future patient guides about the launch of the new POLA initiative.

Studies show that patients tend to rely on the experience of other patients who have been through a similar journey. No matter where a person is in their cancer journey, they have many questions. POLA's Patient Guides will not only help to find a balance when the unknown hits, but also help to navigate practical life issues such as benefits, incapacity procedures, and explain the help POLA can provide. These volunteers will help patients and their relatives to stay on top of the mass of information about the disease, inspire them in their daily lives and bring hope to their lives. All of them have a personal connection to the disease: they have had or are having the disease themselves and some are relatives of patients. As it is very important for many of them to know that others have already overcome the diagnosis of the disease, to hear stories about what is important when waiting for treatment or when reaching remission, how to behave if the treatment options have already been exhausted, we are happy to announce that they will be able to find their "sickness companions" in as many as 20 different cancer locations, and that as many as 61 volunteers will be providing help from various Lithuanian cities.

You can read and see more about our work – POLA website, Facebook page and also Youtube channel.

Together, let's help oncological patients not get lost and support them in their illness!