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Help War-Torn People Get in Touch With Family


Help War-Torn People Get in Touch With Family

Finding relatives of such people and restoring lost family ties is one of the most difficult areas of activity of the Lithuanian Red Cross. This would ensure that parents and children, spouses, partners, and people who love each other have the opportunity to talk on the phone and stay in touch.

With this project

• We will assemble and prepare a team of ten volunteers who will help inform family members and relatives not living in Lithuania about the sensitive fate of their loved ones;
• We will regularly visit and meet those people who are accommodated in Lithuania at border control points, the Aliens Registration Office, places of temporary detention and places of self-isolation assigned to them;
• We will be able to search for missing family members in the network of the International Federation of Red Cross, we will cooperate with other Red Cross and Red Crescent societies;
• We will ensure constant calls and regular sending of letters to relatives;
• We will ensure that on-demand salaamat messages are sent (salamaat are short messages to family members transmitted by an employee or volunteer).