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Help Our Fifth Legs to Recover


Help Our Fifth Legs to Recover

At the beginning we thought that we would save homeless animals right from the streets but this was not the case. The bigger number of our four-legged friends comes from people. Why, you may ask? Well, there are more than few reasons… “Too old”, “too expensive”, “too sick”, “I have to leave”, “I don’t want them anymore”, “there’s not enough room”, “I will put them to sleep if you’ll refuse to take them” and so on. It even more hurts to see little ones which can’t grow up without our help. We can’t leave them when others do! Who else can inspire them for the better life? Who will be willing to pay for their health care? Who will take in the little ones left for dying? We will and YOU can help too!

The main goals of the project: to help every single homeless animal in every possible way to safely find a new family; implement sterilization programs; give away only sterile cats and dogs to their new owner.

Only with YOUR help we will save our four-legged friends!