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Help Eldery People to Withstand Coronavirus


Help Eldery People to Withstand Coronavirus

The spread of Covid-19 puts older adults at greatest risk. The death rate from coronavirus among the population aged 70 years or over is 17%, it is therefore recommended for them to stay at home.

There are about half a million older adults in our country; some of them have nobody to talk to or help them. It is therefore essential to organize systematic assistance as soon as possible and to mobilize a support fund to this end. The scope of assistance will depend on the amounts raised by the fund.

Following the introduction of quarantine, lonely older adults will soon run short of supplies. We seek to protect them by offering practical help of the Red Cross volunteers, so that people would not have to leave their homes.

Depending on the needs of older adults, volunteers will provide emotional support on the phone and supply food, medicines, and hygiene products, i.e. they will do those small, but very important tasks to contribute to their health.