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Help Children to Study


Help Children to Study

Simona was 10 when she went to school for the first time in her life. Before that she had more important things to do, like taking care of her younger brother and sometimes even her helpless mother. The girl was scared, couldn't adapt well and felt abandoned by her classmates, when she started to go to school.

8-year old Tomas is dreaming about going to school and becoming a chef but there's one problem: he has never been to school. Tomas was often left by his parents without a proper care, bath and warm food, while they have been drinking, doing drugs and sinking in poverty. From there everything went downhill and eventually Tomas was separated from them due to neglect.

The children each have their own story which one way or another affected their time at school. Intensive care and supplies for school are needed for them throughout the year.

On 1st of September 32 children, fostered by our organization, went to school. For us the most important thing is to make sure that children would have everything what is needed for learning.

Fostered kids often require special care and education due to traumatic or even tragic experiences. Educational gaps make them anxious and leave without a hope to catch other children. Going to school is a real challenge for them.

In order to feel equal with others, kids with traumatic experiences are in need of additional and continuous education from teachers, special activities for stimulating their development and sometimes even a private tuition.

Help us properly prepare kids for school!