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Help Children to Recover from the Childhood


Help Children to Recover from the Childhood

”Once I harassed my guardian with a knife”, - a girl, who is now a 32-year old adult, starts her story. She never had a father and lost her mom at 14, who couldn’t take care of her child because of her deep depression and addiction to alcohol. This girl received a lot of attention, love and support in a guardian family, bet she often used to run away from home, steal things and money, being aggressive to her guardians. Today she tells that she tried to hurt her guardians, because she was so hurt too. ”I behaved badly not because I didn’t like my guardians, I was just feeling unhappy inside and living in the dark”. Hundreds of children, who experienced hurtful life situations, feel this way. They often receive medical, material support, a safe place to live, but they keep a lot of difficult feelings, traumatic experiences inside and a strong feeling that maybe he/she will never be happy and loved.

It is difficult for children to express their feelings with words, to trust adults again, so their experiences reveal as an unacceptable, agressive behaviour or apathy, sadness, unwillingness to be interested into something – this is the way how children are trying to say that they are in need of help and support. Guardians and foster parents have difficulties to cope with this behaviour alone, to understand a child and this lack of support sometimes ends to child getting back to foster home. Those children experience trauma and loss repeatedly, close themselves inside even more. “Why nobody never wants me?“, - one child asks. He is an 11-year old boy, who lost his mom‘s, later – his grandmother‘s custody and by now has changed a few guardian families. At the moment he lives in a new guardian family and makes everything he can for guardians to leave him. He believes that sooner or later it will happen anyway. Recently “Beacon“ Fund got a new guardian family ready and now they are taking custody of a 6 months old baby. This baby got in a hospital only 2 months old with serious bruises and he needs special care.

Stories like these show that for children, who lost their parents, finding a new home and a family is not enough. It is essential for children and guardian families to receive constant support, professional services to help children to recover from difficult childhood experiences and learn how to be happy with theirselves and people around them.

Collected funds will help to ensure lasting, constant psychological, social and other support for children, who lost their parents, and guardian families, who take care of these children. Our project seeks to ensure consistent and constant assistance. Some children the fund is working with need long-term support. There are children, whose behaviour start to change just after 1-2 years or longer since they start to receive constant psychotherapy sessions.