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Help Children to Recover from Their Emotional Traumas


Help Children to Recover from Their Emotional Traumas

Asta has lived with her mother for seven years, but during that time has never heard that her mother loves and needs her. All this time a girl was growing up alone with only one wish to become the best her mom‘s friend and spend some time together. As years passed by, this girl started to blame herself and feel rejected. She tried everything: never let herself cry, take care of home, always be at home and ask for nothing. Asta had no friends, because the only wish was to become her mother‘s best friend.

Now she is 12 and has been living in SOS children villages for 4 years, but still believes that one day her mom will fall in love with her. She says „my mom is sick, I won‘t disturb and let her get well“. She hopes to be together some day.

Children, who come to SOS children villages, often blame theirselves, close inside and feel the anger. Most of them have deep emotional ilnesses, which need much time, constant attention and a lot of investment to recover.

We pay the most attention to medical and psychological help, which has to be provided for these children many years, without breaks, every single day. Due to emotional disorders, 35 children in SOS children villages are in need of psychological and psychotherapeutic help. One child on average needs at least 32 constant consultations per year (one costs 20 euros). We ask for your help that these children could visit specialists at least once a week.