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Healthy Nutrition for Children in Day Center


Healthy Nutrition for Children in Day Center

Child nutrition is one of the most important factors in encouraging children to come to the day center. In this center, children have the opportunity to prepare homework, intend at art and sports clubs, organize trips and excursions. Children also receive consultations from psychologists, social workers and social pedagogues, who are providing opportunities to develop a healthy children's psyche, social and household skills, to experience compassion, love and nurturing attention.

The opportunity for children to attend a day center, be in a safe environment after school, experience the attention and love of staff, give children the positive emotions and good experiences that are essential for a child’s healthy development and personality development. The day center is usually attended by children with low motivation, behavioral and emotional disorders, and other difficulties at school or in the family.

The main goal of the project is to ensure full free meals for children who attend the day center. The constant children feeding is a very important factor in ensuring quality day center services.