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Give the Shelter Animal a Festive Dinner


Give the Shelter Animal a Festive Dinner

Animals do not dream of finding expensive gifts under the Christmas tree. There are only two things they never give up - food and the attention of a dear person. You can definitely give one of these gifts to them! While they are just waiting for their loved one, you can contribute to finding a bag of the most delicious gifts under the Christmas tree. :) And we in our turn promise to organize a celebration of Linksmosios Pėdutės organization animals with fun, delicious food, attention. We will be filming everything and sharing it with you! :)

Giving a festive dinner to animals will give you not only a full bowl of treats, but also the Christmas party itself! :)

We also strongly invite those pets who stays in the yard - to invite a them inside, to get warm, be be fed. Let's start with the small steps, first accept them to be with us at least during the holidays, then we want to spend as much time with them as possible, because they are our family. Let’s give a feast to all fours!