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Give Activities to Ukrainian Children!


Give Activities to Ukrainian Children!

Every day we meet more and more new people coming to Lithuania due to the war in Ukraine. With the loss of their homes, many Ukrainian people have also lost their daily, beloved and meaningful activities, sense of security and security. Therefore, “Renkuosi mokyti” and “Vaikų Žemė”, combining many years of educational and cultural experience, are jointly launching an initiative during which we will invite educational and cultural representatives from Ukraine to conduct literary and cultural educational activities for Ukrainian children and communicate with Lithuanian creators. Through this project, we will seek to help the people of Ukraine fleeing the war to continue to spread their potential and establish themselves in our country.

Project Objectives:
• to organize various creative workshops and educations for Ukrainian children;
• recruit cultural and educational representatives from Ukraine;
• to help people fleeing the war regain their beloved and meaningful activities and a sense of security and security.

Who will be the support for?
• cultural workshops and educations for Ukrainian children;
• remuneration of representatives of Lithuanian culture and education who have come from Ukraine and conduct classes for Ukrainian children.

Part of the activities of this initiative will be based on the methodologies developed by the Children's Land Booklets for Children project. The booklets are already being translated into Ukrainian so that children and educators from Ukraine can make full use of them. More about the project "Books to help children" you can find it HERE.