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Fulfill Wishes of Fifth Legs' Together


Fulfill Wishes of Fifth Legs' Together

There are all kinds of days at "Fifth Leg" but no "grey" ones for sure. Usually it's the "black" days. In short - it's never boring here. No matter what day, maybe even Christmas or Easter, ten of thousands calls happens every day. Some searching for a new little friend but mostly it's the other way around. Some of them asking nicely, others yelling and threatening and the rest of the bunch are just lying. Most frequently we receive a call saying that they're coming / already came and they want to give it away or they just had enough. That's how two additional eyes pops up in our cage and always with a story of their own.

We hear very different stories such as "hit by the car", "had been living in the streets", "starved near the doghouse" (sometimes people don't understand that dog doesn't know how to make a pie from a bag of flour), "went bald due to millions of parasites". Little puppies come neglected, not vaccinated and sometimes so little that they even can't eat on their own. Sadly, but term "not vaccinated" can be applied to almost all of our dogs. Moreover they often come already infected and vaccines, in this case, won't do any good. We can't actually tell how it happen but little by little we became not only a shelter but also a clinic, hairdressing saloon and crisis center. Home for mothers and children, rehabilitation sanatorium and even a nursing clinic...

Our team never heard of such thing as weekends. We're working without holidays just to make sure that another neglected animal would have a chance to find people who would really WANT him. More than 1000 animals found a new home at end of 2017.

At least 2000 euros are being spent every month just to cover the necessary medical needs. It should be taken with a salt of grain because when some serious injuries happens, army of infected dogs storm through the door or the bunch of very fragile puppies require immediate help, then our budget can't cope with monthly expenses. Every single animal that find it's way to our shelter is being vaccinated, cleaned from parasites, sterilized and marked. It's just basic needs which require at least 2000 euros every month. Serious operations cost hundreds of euros.

"Fifth Legs" are in need of our help and we need your help to find them a new home.