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For the Childhood 2023


For the Childhood 2023

Every year, Save the Children helps hundreds of children grow up in families in difficulty. We provide material, emotional/psychological support to families, develop parenting skills and in every way strengthen the family so that it is safe and good for the child to grow up in it.

The partnership with the donation platform organization "Save the Children" has helped to take care of hundreds of Lithuanian families. For some of them, they cleaned the house of a dilapidated person, for others they paid for their child's education in an institution, third children were invited to children's day centers supervised by the organization, with almost 1,000 children from Lithuania and Ukraine, they not only get a hearty lunch, prepare their homework with the help of teachers, but also for the first time can from going on an excursion... to see Gediminas or Trakai Castle, the sea.

We invite you to share. What is normal and everyday for one of us can be the biggest dream for another. Fulfilling it through sacrifice is not difficult, but the real reward is the feeling of kindness and light that fills you with a good deed. Thank you that we are together for securing the future of every child!