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For the Childhood 2022


For the Childhood 2022

Every year, Save the Children helps hundreds of children grow up in families in difficulty. We provide material, emotional/psychological support to families, develop parenting skills and in every way strengthen the family so that it is safe and good for the child to grow up in it.

Thanks to the community, we have helped many families: we have created more comfortable homes for families raising children in financial difficulties, we have funded educational activities and camps for children, and we have helped children in foreign countries who are experiencing adversity.

This time we invite you to help families experiencing poverty living in Lithuania and families coming here from Ukraine. Your financial support will be used to improve the living conditions of families living in Lithuania: so that children grow up in houses with water supply, so that the wind does not blow through the windows of the house. Also, part of the collected support will be used to help families coming to Lithuania from Ukraine: we currently provide and provide assistance to children who have escaped the war with school supplies, diapers, and other essentials for babies, clothing, and organize children's employment. p>

Your financial support creates a safer present and future for your children.