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For the Childhood 2020


For the Childhood 2020

There are more than twenty thousand childrens in Lithuania who are living in poverty. Childrens are suffering from hunger, they‘re socialy isolated due to poor conditions of their enviroment. They also can‘t go to school, their clothes are dirty and they don‘t know what it means to be a child without the burden of responsibilities.

Most of those families sincerely take care of their children, however they not always are able to overcome poverty and ruthless life conditions. Sometimes all they need is little things which can change their life fundamentally.

„Save the Children“ organises the support campaign and a concert which will raise funds for the most vulnerable lithuanian families and their childrens. With your help those families will get the necessary support to raise the quality of their lives.

Day centres ensure basic children caring, education, appropriate society and identity perception. Children receive help from professionals, who have proper experience in working with children at social risk. Children day centres provide help for children since 1996.