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Feed the hungry delicious food!


Feed the hungry delicious food!

There are people who take maternal care to keep everyone safe and fed. Our team makes hot lunches to those who are in trouble, unable to prepare food for themselves, who are lonely and unhappy with the loss of loved ones. After all, there are days when a large family is short of food, a single mother loses her job, or elders can't afford to take care of themself.

Our goal is to feed people delicious and healthy vegetarian food of various assortments. We make food with love and intent to make people feel it and their lives begin to change. We prepare meals from the charitable food products we receive from the Food Bank and other donors, so it is very important that the food is stored and prepared safely. We use perishable products, so refrigeration equipment and thermoses are necessary to maintain the temperature of the food.

This project will address the improvement of food quality in our free meals. At present, our volunteers uses only basic kitchen equipment, which is very outdated, almost all cooking work is done by hand, and the kitchen employs staff and volunteers who have a disability or are in respectable age. Many of our food making volunteers were once our canteen visitors themselves. Now they are one of the strongest and most important links in the team.

A vegetable chopper, a dough mixer, and other cooking equipment, as well as an updated kitchen inventory, would make people's work much easier, and a larger amount of lunch portions could be produced and distributed. This project would also address the issue of food supply for people with disabilities and poor health. Some people simply cannot come to pick up food, so we plan to deliver food to their homes.

"One in the field is not a soldier". Let yourself and others feel better - we invite you to join this social welfare project, to be a part of it. Every donation of yours will make our kitchen equipment better. "Let us sow the seeds of goodness to others, because the fruits of love always touch our lives." (kun. Rytis Gurkšnys)