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Dialysis Procedures - On Time


Dialysis Procedures - On Time

Dialysis is a replacement therapy for the kidneys, when the kidneys are no longer able to cleanse the body of metabolic products, remove excess water, maintain normal body alkali and acid, electrolyte balance.

Nephrologic patients are systematically undergoing dialysis procedures in the presence of kidney disease or pending kidney transplant surgery. The service must be uninterrupted, at specified times, every day (including Saturdays and public holidays). Due to a serious medical condition, failure to provide the necessary transport and escort services in a timely manner to nephrologic patients who do not come to the medical institution for dialysis procedures, a sudden deterioration of the medical condition, person may die. Dialysis procedures deplete the human body, after which people, due to the instability of blood pressure, barely stands up by themselfs, so they desperately need specialized transport and escort services. For one patient, dialysis is performed three times a week, and this single procedure lasts as long as 4 hours.

We transport nephrological patients with severe disabilities from the city of Vilnius and remote villages of Vilnius and Trakai districts. The need for transport services is far greater than our available resources. At present, our organization has 4 vehicles, each of which travels an average of about 5,000 kilometers each month.

In order to provide more specialized transport and escort services to nephrological patients, we need another minibus that will allow us to provide an additional 5,000 additional transport and escort services to treatment facilities for dialysis procedures each year.