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Conversations that warm up


Conversations that warm up

In late autumn and winter, we start waiting for the upcoming winter holidays - Christmas and New Year Eve. These celebrations are associated with family and loved ones gatherings at a common table, warm conversations. Will every elderly person who lives without a family and has no loved ones get a guest during the holidays with whom they can have a cup of warm tea, talk about youth, realized ideas or cherished dreams? What can we all do to reduce this longing and sadness for loneliness?

The Silver Line , which has been operating in Lithuania for more than 5 years, seeks to fill the lack of communication, emotional support and a sense of community for seniors. We invite you to unite and create warmth together during the festive period by donating "Silver Line" friendship conversations. With your support, there will be much more joy and laughter in the conversation of our interlocutors. We believe that together we will create many festive miracles - a gift of friendship with the like-minded people of "Silver Line", which they will be able to enjoy for many years to come and color their lives in new bright colors.

We've already written a letter to Santa, asking for more joy and bright colors for our interlocutors. Did you contribute?