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Conversations on the brink (2011.11-2012.09)


Conversations on the brink (2011.11-2012.09)

When you start sliding into the abyss, what can help is a simple conversation.

About You.
When it was really hard, you have realised that you have understanding parents, supportive friends. Your sorrow was seen by the teacher or a colleague. You had not even thought to make calls and share your experiences with the strangers.

About the other You.
When it was really hard, your parents have condemned you, the friends have turned away and joined the giggling. Teachers and colleagues have their own troubles ... Something inside was telling it makes no sense to cling to such a life, so you just called to say goodbye to someone.

During 24 hours, the Youth Helpline volunteers answer more than two hundred calls and speak with six – seven young people, wondering whether it is worth living.

Responding to a call for Youth Helpline costs on average 3 litas. Your donation can help to achieve that there would be more of those choosing life.

“In Lithuania every minute people need help. I believe that Youth Helpline activities are very important and should be supported as much as possible.“ Andrius Mamontovas

About the project. About a thousand people commit suicide in Lithuania during the year; it is several times more than are killed in traffic accidents. The attitude that one who intends to commit a suicide cannot be saved dominates in the society. This is not true. Simple and sincere conversation can help. The project's aim is to help people who have found themselves in a situation where they cannot expect help from people around them.

Support will be allocated to ensure that Youth Helpline could continuously provide high-quality emotional support to all callers; to train and coordinate volunteers, to maintain the premises, work equipment, transportation, etc.