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Conversation Can Save a Life. So Can You.


Conversation Can Save a Life. So Can You.

I lost my mom when I was 20. I was near when her life ended. If I were not affected by shock (emotional distance), I would certainly have gone out of my mind. I remember the time after – I‘ve been lost in emptiness for a few months when my mom left. There weren‘t even a day when I didn‘t miss her, the pain was always there and that feeling was the strongest at home, where I grew up.

I came to “Youth Line” in 2015, 4 years after the death of my mother. During the preparation course, a huge change happened in my life – I learned to better understand, feel myself and feel others. “Youth Line” became for me a place, where after learning how to share my emotions I got ready to be with emotions of others. Conversations with those people helped me to experience the feeling of being together, letting yourself be free.

Even one conversation can help a caller to better understand what he/she is overcoming, to look deeply into his/her problems and name the most delicate feelings. Sometimes I think that I would like now, as a “Youth Line” volunteer, call myself 6 years back and encourage to talk about my feelings.

Volunteer Martynas Žėkas (real story)

Every year, the number of suicides is decreasing, but Lithuania is still ranked first in EU according to this number.

“Youth Line“ is one of the biggest organizations providing free 24/7 emotional support by telephone and internet. 350 active “Youth Line“ volunteers work in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda. Since 1991, volunteers answered to more than 1 million calls.

We believe that an open-hearted conversation with a “Youth Line“ volunteer can change the suicide statistics in Lithuania, encourage people to talk openly about difficulties and appropriately take care of their emotional health. More prepared volunteers – more conversations and people, who receive support while facing difficulties.

The goal of this project is to ensure that emotional support by telephone or internet would be available for everyone.