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Contribute to the happiness of the animals


Contribute to the happiness of the animals

Fun foot trampling in warm indoor aviaries is our dream!

Thanks to you, two mobile homes have already been purchased, which will be used to install clean, warm and cozy aviaries for the residents of our shelter. In the past, we only had enough money to buy partially equipped huts, so now we really need your help in installing the huts inside, building an aviary and making them suitable for dogs.

These insice aviary are a guarantee for the future. Sooner or later, the shelters were given time to change, to move elsewhere, and with many sheltered animals, this is the route. Our homes are mobile, they are easy to move elsewhere, then wards should always be overhead and no one should be on the street.

We invite you to contribute to the hard trembling of our "Happy Feet" in warm and comfortable indoor aviaries!