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Christmas is a new beginning for families


Christmas is a new beginning for families

At Mother Teresa's family home, we provide comprehensive assistance to families, the disabled, children and young people experiencing difficulties and various life crises. We aim to provide an environment that enables women experiencing crisis motherhood to live in dignity and dignity, while ensuring the proper development of infants and children.

We are confident that:
• children need to grow up in families, so the relationship between mother and child needs to be strengthened;
• Only by reducing the number of children growing up in orphanages will our society be happier and healthier.

With this project, we aim to bring the Christmas festive mood to every home in the family community. We will provide assistance for the basic needs of families, help us settle in, and buy the most necessary household goods and household appliances. We want families and children to feel dignified and have decent living conditions. By returning to a home where children grow up, we will help families survive the crisis and develop their ability to take care of themselves, thus giving hope that families will not be left to fend for themselves by creating an independent life.

We want families who live in our family homes or are already taking the first steps toward independent living to not feel lonely during the 2021 festive period , so we will be organizing an annual Christmas Family Celebration. During it, we strengthen the relationship, communicate, share gifts - we show the meaning of the holidays by uniting, the benefits of the festive mood for families in crisis. The collected gifts are distributed during the holiday, we will buy various delicacies and gifts for the children, because the children of our families usually do not receive any gifts when they reach the holiday period, due to lack of finances.

Let's create a festive mood for the families who need it most!

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